About Us

Câmara de Consultores Imobiliários consists of talented and experienced professionals. We advise some of the largest companies in Brazil in the management of their properties. We plan, organize and control activities that guarantee the most rational and economically viable use of real estate.

Outsourcing your real estate activities to Câmara de Consultores Imobiliários, your team can focus on your core business, optimizing resources and reducing costs. We are specialized in real estate consulting and we know how to address all the questions relative to the real estate market, which can result in large cost reductions. For most companies, real estate is often the second most significant item in their budgets, making it a substantial part of their costs.

Our methodology of working together stimulate the exchange of experiences between our teams, and adds value to the services we provide, benefitting our clients. See here the testimonies of a few of them.

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